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Greensville Transport New Trucks
  • Greensville Transport has recently taken delivery of eleven 2009 KW 660 tractors which embrace fuel and cost saving, and security and safety technologies. 

  • All have Bendix air disc brakes on steering and drive axles, significantly extending brake job interval, and (much more importantly) reducing the stopping distance by a third compared to the old s-cam drum technology.   That is 100 feet in some cases!

  • All have the Bendix Stability Control System, which is designed to enhance control of the truck in high roll over probability situations.

  • The 660 design was recently recognized as the leading design for reducing drag in order to achieve fuel savings.

  • All are equipped with the "idlefree" Auxiliary Power Unit which is the best technology on the market today. The cab has been equipped with additional insulation increasing the efficiency of the APU. This should keep the driver from idling the engine for comfort control or to keep the engine warm over night in extreme cold (this APU circulates warm water thru the engine block). This system provides quiet climate control and two AC electrical outlets for driver's accessories needed on the road.  It also features a digital thermostat. 

  • Each Tractor has the "@road" satellite tracking system.  This provides for safety, security and greater efficiency.  The dispatcher is always aware of driver progress, and this reduces the need for cell phone communication.

  • Each unit has been set at a 5 minute "idle off" and is governed at 69 mph. This helps the driver in fuel conservation efforts. The added benefit is, of course, a slower and therefore safer heavy truck on the highway.

  • Greensville Transport believes that a combination of these type technologies with aggressive, optimistic driver training in the benefits of fuel conservation and safety are a must for any trucking company that wishes to be competitive, safe and environmentally responsible.
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Greensville Transport - Drop frame tank chassis with lift device on each for complete unloading of tank containers.
The 660 design was recently recognized as the leading design for reducing drag in order to achieve fuel savings.
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