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About Us
Greensville Transport Company is a Common / Contract Motor Carrier with intrastate and interstate authority to operate in the 48 contiguous states and Canada. Based in Chesapeake, Virginia, centrally located on the eastern seaboard of the United States, we serve the Ports of Virginia. Greensville Transport Company has been operating as a Bulk Liquid, Hazardous Material Carrier since 1963 under present ownership.

Greensville Transport Depot provides Grounded Loaded Storage, Hot Water and Electric Heat and Minor Repairs (both on and off site).

We employ over 25 drivers, with a small administrative staff. The average age of our drivers is in the mid forties; all are mature, safety-conscious professional drivers who understand the importance of serving the customer well. Our driver's average length of service with the company is 7 years. All comply with State and Federal Laws governing the Transportation of Bulk Liquids for the Liquid Transport Industry. All are subject to random alcohol and drug testing. All receive periodic Safety and Hazardous Material Training.

Greensville operates out of one terminal in Chesapeake with a fleet consisting of owned and owner/operator tractors and over 150 Drop-Deck Tank Chassis serving virtually all Chemical Companies and NVOCC -Tank Container Operators operating through the Ports of Virginia. Greensville carries a full inventory of fittings and hoses to accommodate the needs of our customers. Each driver carries a basic kit of tank container fittings.

Greensville Transport has served the Intermodal Tank Container Industry for 20 years. During that time we have achieved a reputation for excellence in service, providing logistic support for the Intermodal Tank Container.

Greensville Transport wants to be your choice for chemical and tank container transportation. For more Information contact us today.
Contact Us Today: 800.562.4714
Greensville Transport - Operating out of one terminal in Chesapeake, Virginia with 25 owned tractors and 5 owner/operator tractors.
Greensville operates out of one terminal in Chesapeake with 25 owned tractors and 5 owner/operator tractors.
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Customers are the focus of Greensville Transport's quality program. Scheduled on-time arrivals is only one element of our multi-facetted approach toward satisfying the Customerís need.
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Greensville Transport is an advanced Common / Contract Motor Carrier with authority to operate in all 48 contiguous states. We are the number one choice for tank container transportation, chemical, and depot service.
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